Loan Process

Just Takes 4 Simple Steps!

1. Apply Online or Call Us

The method is simple and requires only a couple of minutes. When we have your primary data, we will send you the lend exposures.

2. Lend Review

We review your finished application, redact a title inquiry to ensure property proprietary, checking the tax amount owing, and make the ultimate closure documents.

3. Bond

After your lend is affirmed, we will plan a helpful time for the bond. We can send our bond specialist to you to sign the final documents.

4. We pay your taxes

Following a three-day holding up period legally necessary, “Property Loan Tax” will make pay on your local charges and send you a paid receipt from your taxing authority.

See right away in the event that you meet all requirements for a Property Tax Loan

Our methods are able to solve your tax issue quickly.

The loan granting method takes just a couple of minutes.


Your tax office may offer delinquent tax installment plans that may be less costly to you. You can request information about the availability of these plans from the tax office


Since 2010, we’ve helped a huge number of Texas property proprietors by funding their taxes. Commerce the elevated assessor fines for lower usuary, low installment local charge tax lend. We affirm 99% of candidates, even those who with credit issues. You’ll be astounded at exactly that it is so natural to tackle your assessment issue.

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