Which properties are qualified properties to get the loans according to the "Property Tax Loan" rules?

Almost any real estate can get the loan of “Texas Property Loan” if the loan borrower maintained the property properly and does not go bankrupt. These include residential, investment property, commercial and bare land.

I have a lot of property. Can you create a loan for all the properties?

We can help you by making loans for all your assets. However, in that case, we can combine multiple assets into one asset.

Can I get help with past arrears, interest, and fine fees?

Of course, if you qualify, “Property Tax Loan” will be able to pay all your interest, penalties and legal fees whatever the past & present.

Do you pay extra cash beyond the amount of the property tax loan?

No, by law we are limited to providing the following loans with legal fees:

  • On the tax amount
  • On fines
  • On interest
  • On closing costs

Can I get a loan for personal property or federal income tax?

No, you can only get a residential or commercial property tax loan if you live and owner of property in the state of Texas.


What materials should be ready for an application?

Application form needs to be filled out, need social security number along with mortgage and bank information. When the application is completed we begin the fast and easy loan process. We prepare your loan within 24 hours of receiving the application or as soon as possible.

Commercial candidates should have the above information. You may also need an “Article of Incorporation” and company governing documents.

How to apply for a loan?

Our application process is very fast and easy which only takes a few minutes. You can submit a pre-application on our website by filling out the application form. Once the pre-application form submission is completed, one of our loan officers will call you for the convenience of completing your application. You can also call our loan officers.

Our Phone number: +1 (210) 828-5187

What about them? Who had past credit problems?

Credit history is not a problem except in the case of bankruptcy. Loans are granted for most candidates even those who do not have very good credit.

All type of loans provides after verification on income.


What are the conditions of "Property Tax Loan" to get loan?

“Property Tax Loan” provides loans for a period of 3, 5, 6 and 10 years. This helps you to determine the “payment” with the flexibility you need.

What is the loan interest rate on "Property Tax Loan"?

“Property Tax Loan” provides loans for a period of 3, 5, 6 and 10 years. This helps you to determine the “payment” with the flexibility you need.

Do I have the opportunity to mail my payment directly instead of ACH?

Yes, borrowers can pay monthly by check or money order.

How do I pay my monthly payment?

Loan receivers perform an ACH agreement to grant direct debit to their bank account. Money transactions usually take place on the first or fifteenth day of each month. You must notify the “Property Tax Loan” quickly if you designate another bank account as your source of payment.

Can I repay the loan as soon as possible?

Of course, you can pay off your loan anytime fast. In the case of residential loans, there are no fines for quick repayment. Contact our loan service department to get the quick payment statement.

Will my property be predicted if I am late or miss any money?

The property foreclosure can be initiated when the loan is in a state of denial. We will try our best to work according to an agreed plan. In some cases, we will restructure your loan to suit your needs. Court-approved foreclosures may occur to collect the arrears if the default continues.

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